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Cafeteria Dining Services

Aramark is happy to provide food service to your child for the 2016-2017 school year with nutritious, healthy choices as well as exciting recipes and menus.

Elementary June Menu

Point of Sale System and Payforit Highlights
• Ability to deposit money electronically utilizing the site
• There is a nominal fee for depositing money electronically
• Ability to deposit cash, certified check or money order on site daily, free of charge
• Registering for the site is FREE and will allow you access to view you son’s or daughter’s transaction history
• Ability to send money in as one payment for multiple children
• Convenient and simple!

Lunch for Pre K – Kindergarten students
The lunch meal price is $2.75 for students Preschool-Kindergarten and is a smaller portion size. The “lunch meal” is available to all students and includes an entrée, side dish and milk unless specifically requested by a parent or guardian to have another beverage choice. We will offer two daily meal choices, “Option A” or “Option B.” The lunch meals will be selected every morning in the classroom and will be ready at their designated lunch time. As the parent or guardian, you will have the ability to select which meal you would like your son or daughter to have.

Lunch for Elementary students
Students will be provided with a monthly menu available online. Our menus will also be posted in the cafeteria. I would like to take this opportunity to explain how our menu works. At Saint Andrew we will offer one “lunch meal” option and a “core menu,” which are our a la carte items.

The “lunch meal” price is $4.00 for all students 1st-8th Grade. The lunch meal includes an entrée, side dish and a choice of milk or water. This is the best value for all students and includes three of the five meal components. We will provide a daily lunch meal in addition to our core menu. Our core menu options are offered a la carte style and offered daily. The core menu consists of traditional student favorites. Students will not have to “pre-select” their meal selection.

Some features of our menu include:
• A different vegetable offered weekly
• A different fresh fruit offered weekly
• Only low-fat milk or water offered with the daily meal or 100% fruit juice
• A la carte options and additional selection of beverages available for purchase

At Saint Andrew, we are not part of the National School Lunch program; however, we stay on top of all current trends within the education food service market. All cooking will be conducted on site and served fresh!

Student Wellness Promotions
Our wellness promotions include tasty, exciting recipes developed by our chefs with the objective to introduce new, healthy menu items to the students, who eat in the same location every day. These promotions offer fun themes and enticing recipes to ensure that the students’ taste buds don’t get bored. Examples of this year’s themes and special recipes include Asian cuisine, Italian regional favorites, minis (small bites) and world flavors.

Special Event Promotions
ARAMARK offers holiday meals and special meal promotions.

Food Allergies
There is a growing amount of food allergies and intolerances occurring in children. Please let us know if your child has any special dietary restrictions, and we will try to accommodate them as much as possible. We are able to put personal notes on your children’s account so that our staff member is notified of any restrictions. These notes can relate to food allergies or certain restrictions you would like on your son or daughter.

Please refer all questions regarding the QSP register system and/or to the ARAMARK supervisor, Laura McMann.

Saint Andrew Catholic Education Center, 51 Wrights Road, Newtown, PA 18940 ~ 215-968-2685