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Super Dollars are just like cash
Super Dollars Order Form

Super Dollars are gift certificates, distributed by both local shops and restaurants and large national chains. They are purchased in designated amounts. You will receive a voucher along with your purchase. Just take the voucher to the Parish Office where it can be used toward tuition at any Catholic educational institution, including Religious Education, or donated to a needy family.

Purchase Super Dollars through school by
sending your orders and payments, in any envelope, to school with your child. Your completed order will be returned the same day. You may also stop by the Catholic Education Center,
Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-12:00PM.

Use cash or a check, made out to Saint Andrew School Fund, for the amount needed and you'll receive that amount in Super Dollars. Orders over $500 for any one store must be placed in advance, and payment is required when ordering.

  • Super Dollars are perfect for purchasing
    —large appliances
    —celebrating birthdays
    —surprising college students

  • Buy a few each week and put them away for Christmas
  • Pay off part of your credit card balance.
    This is not an option with all the stores. (Remember certificates are cash and should not be mailed to the store. Payment should be made in person.)
  • No extra money comes out of your pocket
  • You save on the cost of tuition